Judge Approves $1 Billion Settlement in Surfside Condo Collapse Lawsuit

In the second-largest class-action lawsuit in Florida history, a Miami-Dade circuit court judge gave final approval to a $1 billion settlement a year after the Surfside condominium collapse that killed 98 people. More than two dozen defendants—including the building’s security company, condo association law firm, consulting engineer on its 40-year recertification and renovation plan, and the developer and builders of the luxury condo next door—agreed to pay $1,021,199,000 to resolve the wrongful death and personal injury claims of bereaved family members and survivors.

San Diego Family Care Agrees to $1 Million Settlement

San Diego Family Care (SDFC)—an operator of eight medical and mental health centers in San Diego, California—reached a $1 million settlement for a class-action lawsuit related to a 2020 data breach. The breach resulted in the unauthorized disclosure of names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, account numbers, treatment information, insurance data and other sensitive patient details. The lawsuit alleged that SDFC failed to protect patients’
information and did not promptly notify impacted individuals upon discovering the breach.

Laborer Accepts $4.8 Million Deal to Settle Lawsuit

A laborer who fell through a hole in the roof during the demolition of the former Cineplex Odeon Theatre in Chicago, Illinois, has accepted a $4.8 million settlement to end his lawsuit against the property owner and the two contractors who hired him. The laborer’s attorney alleged that the parties involved failed to provide a safe workplace when the laborer fell through a 12-foot hole that had been covered by a plywood stack, allegedly breaking both of his wrists, tearing a rotator cuff and suffering a fusion in his lower back.

Woman Awarded Nearly $6 Million After Being Hit by Utility Truck

Florida’s Sarasota County Commission unanimously approved a $5.95 million settlement following a truck accident that left a second-grade teacher with lasting injuries, ultimately preventing her from working. After being hit by a utility truck while jogging and getting dragged 65 feet, the woman sought damages for her lost wages, health insurance costs and overall pain and suffering.

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