Liability-Johnson & Johnson to Pay $297 Million in Texas Opioid Claims

Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay the state of Texas $297 million to settle claims relating to its marketing and promotion of opioids. This settlement follows the pharmaceutical firm’s affirmation that it will contribute up to $5 billion to a $26 billion agreement in opioid-related claims in the United States. While the company maintains its actions were “appropriate” and “responsible,” Johnson & Johnson also noted it no longer sells prescription opioid medications in the United States.

Liability-School Shooting Victims’ Families Reach $25 Million Settlement With School District

Three years after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, families of the 17 students and staffers killed and the dozens who were injured or traumatized reached a $25 million settlement with the school district. The victims’ family members and the school district had a legal back-and-forth over the district’s alleged negligence for more than three years. The settlement, which came ahead of a guilty plea by the accused shooter,
will be split among the families. individuals coming forward so far, several more lawsuits are expected. The lawsuits allege that the staff knew of criminal and sexual misconduct and “wholly failed to protect the children residing there.”

Liquor Liability-Bars to Pay $5.5 Million in Settlements

Following a head-on collision involving a heavily intoxicated driver, two people injured in the collision have agreed to $5.5 million in confidential settlements with two bars that served the drunk driver. The driver, whose blood alcohol level was 2.5 times the legal limit, caused both plaintiffs to sustain fractures to the femurs and tibias as well as concussions and broken toes.

Employment Practices Liability-Woman Awarded $2.2 Million Following Firing From Health Clinic

A women’s health clinic in Sioux City, Iowa, must pay $2.2 million to a former employee who alleges she was fired because she planned to file a workers’ compensation claim before having surgery for a work-related injury. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff claims she was told she would not have a job to return to and could file for unemployment benefits. While the clinic acknowledges that the plaintiff was injured at work, they deny she was fired because she planned to file a workers’ compensation claim.

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