Masato “Max” Kimura

Senior Vice President

Masato “Max” Kimura began his career with Seven Corners Insurance Solutions in December 2011.  Masato brings an abundance of Property and Casualty insurance knowledge and experience stemming from his 15 years’ experience on the insurance carrier side in Japan and over 9 years’ experience on broker side in the United States.

Max is currently a Vice President and a branch Manager at our Chicago office, responsible for leading the business operation in Midwest area by providing existing and prospective clients with cutting-edge strategies and solutions for not only their Property and Casualty insurance, but also their Employee Benefits programs.  Masato has been working as a producer and executive contact for our clients in a variety of industries such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Restaurants, and Retail Chains companies.  Also he has moved from California to Illinois to open our Chicago office in 2016.  Through various insurance brokerage services and consultations in California and Midwest, he has developed a broad base of knowledge on how to identify the risks and manage the insurance programs. Masato especially excels in providing Japanese executives with breakdowns of their commercial insurance policies using easy-to-understand comparisons between insurance in Japan and in the United States.

Masato holds a degree in management, faculty of Economics from Seijo University in Tokyo, Japan.  Masato played competitive soccer throughout his life, naturally a member of his college soccer team and eventually as a player at the insurance company that he worked for.

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